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Big projects require big equipment. To help with that, McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory recently purchased some large new conservation equipment:

Grove RT518 Crane:

The center purchased a Grove RT518 18 ton rough terrain (RT) crane. Yes, it is every conservator’s dream machine.

Its maximum boom height is 60 feet and its maximum lift capacity is 16 metric tons (c. 35,273 pounds). Now having this, it is hard to imagine how we did without one for so long. While used, it was in good condition and recently repainted, with all new decals as originally placed.

After replacement of a few minor parts and the first of its annual crane safety inspections, it has operated flawlessly. And we got her a set of new tires just like any happy new owner would. A set of tires, installed on site, costs $5,235.00 in case you wondered about that.

The crane is used here for offloading and loading sculpture and macro-artifacts from trucks, turning and dis-assembling/assembling large sculptures, as well as for hanging monumental painted sculpture for repainting all sides at once.



CAT TH560B Telehandler:

A “telehandler” is a wonderfully versatile machine and something we could never now do without – it is part crane/part forklift. We purchased this CAT model TH560B slightly used. Its boom extends up to a height of 44 feet and when fully retracted the boom’s attached forks can lift 12,000 pounds. Importantly, all the wheels turn so you can “crab” sideways.



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