Treating Artwork With Laser Focus

Treating Artwork with Laser Focus

Sometimes, the best solution for a problem is to shoot it with lasers. For over thirty years, historic preservationist and art conservators have been doing just that-preserving  architecture and works of art with the use of lasers. While historically the…

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Central Heating And Refrigeration Plant

Central Heating and Refrigeration Plant

McKay Lodge, Inc. finished year two of stabilization work on the masonry walls of the historic Central Heating and Refrigeration Plant (CHRP). The Phase II work commenced with a budget of $985,000.00. CHRP is located at 13th and C Streets,…

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Life And Stabilization On Wake Atoll (Wake Island)

Life and Stabilization on Wake Atoll (Wake Island)

THE OHIO CONSERVATION CENTER: Survey, Design and Training for the Stabilization of WWII Historic  Ferro-Concrete Structures (also Objects and Monuments) on Wake Atoll (Wake Island) The abridged survey Report with images can be found here: WAKE ISLAND REPORT On December…

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