Surreal Ceramic Conservation In The Southwest

Surreal Ceramic Conservation in the Southwest

As temperatures rise in the Arizona summer, McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory conservators traveled to perform some surreal ceramic conservation in the Southwest of the United States. The sculptures were previously assessed and treated by Jim Gwinner, Conservator of Public Art…

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Mosaic Conservation Is Two Worlds Apart

Mosaic Conservation is Two Worlds Apart

Mosaic conservation treatment of Two Worlds Apart, 1992 by artist Ned Smyth was recently performed in Savannah, Georgia by Stefan Dedecek, Conservator of Paintings, Murals, and Polychrome Surfaces, and Emmett Lodge, of McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory. Two Worlds Apart (Culture),…

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Safe And Sound: Restoration Of Historic Safe Door

Safe and Sound: Restoration of Historic Safe Door

Safe and sound is how one can describe an object after conservation treatment such as the recent restoration of a historic safe door by Stefan Dedecek, Conservator of Paintings, Murals, and Polychrome Surfaces, of McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory located just…

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Graffiti Removal From A Marble Artwork

Graffiti Removal from a Marble Artwork

While public artworks grace our local communities, parks, and public spaces not all give them the respect they deserves. They can sometimes become a casualty of vandalism: spray-painted, broken, burned, or even completely destroyed. Marcin Pikus, Conservator of Stone Sculpture…

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Fly Like An Eagle To Storage: Removal Of Artwork In PA

Fly Like An Eagle to Storage: Removal of Artwork in PA

Eagle Template by Vicki Scuri has graced an entrance of the Ronald Reagan Federal Building and Courthouse in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania since 1998. Now that a new building has been constructed for Federal offices, the sculpture required removal. Christina L. Simms,…

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Conservation Of Ceramic Suarez In Puerto Rico

Conservation of Ceramic Suarez in Puerto Rico

In San Juan, Puerto Rico there is a forty-five foot totem pole pointing towards the blue Caribbean sky. The totem pole, Totemic Sculpture, 1993 by Jaime Suarez is a concrete pole roughly thirty inches in diameter that is clad with…

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Big Easy Sculpture Restoration In New Orleans

Big Easy Sculpture Restoration in New Orleans

The City of New Orleans has been called the "Big Easy" among other nicknames. Recently, Marcin Pikus, Conservator of Stone Sculpture and Architectural Features of McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory, performed sculpture restoration in New Orleans. The sculptures were big, but…

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To Infinity And Neon: Assessment Of Two Neon Artworks

To Infinity and Neon: Assessment of Two Neon Artworks

Often the first step of an art conservation treatment is to perform a condition assessment. Jim Gwinner, Conservator of Public Art and Sculpture, recently performed an examination of neon artworks by artist Keith Sonnier in the D.C metropolitan area. Cenozoic…

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Outdoor Bronze “Maine”tenance In Maine

Outdoor Bronze “Maine”tenance in Maine

The McKay Lodge Conservation team travels far and wide to preserve a wide variety of media, from electronic media and optical art to large scale murals to outdoor sculpture. Conservator of Public Art and Sculpture, Jim Gwinner, of McKay Lodge…

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