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ANNOUNCING: A new 5-Year GSA contract for the conservation of sculpture and architectural arts. Commences August 1, 2022. 2022-2027 U.S. General Services Administration - NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION ID/IQ Contract 47PM1122D0002 NTE: $16,009,998.00 (5 Year Total) NAICS Code 54130 (ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES)…

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To Infinity and Neon: Assessment of Two Neon Artworks

Often the first step of an art conservation treatment is to perform a condition assessment. Jim Gwinner, Conservator of Public Art and Sculpture, recently performed an examination of neon artworks by artist Keith Sonnier in the D.C metropolitan area. Cenozoic…

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Firing up the Phantom Furnace Columns of Youngstown

Slowly, gently, night unfurls the splendor of the recently preserved Phantom Furnace Columns, 2002 by public artist Andrew Liecester. The artwork Phantom Furnace Columns serve as a metaphor for the blast furnaces that once stood in the mills of Youngstown,…

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Assessment of Electronic Media When Art Makes Census

Jim Gwinner, Conservator of Public Art and Sculpture, performs conservation treatment and assessments of electronic media and digital artwork. He recently completed an assessment and minor interventive treatment of American Varietal, 2013 by artist Jason Salavon which is installed at…

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BROKEN WALL by Jim Campbell Denver Colorado Electronic Media Conservation

Outdoor Electronic Media Artwork Assessment in Denver, Colorado

Electronic Media assessments and Optical Artifact Conservation; Public Art Conservation: The precursor of a successful art conservation treatment is a thorough examination. Jim Gwinner, Conservator of Public Art and Sculpture, and our staff expert in electronic media, recently traveled to…

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Gesture Politics

Gesture Politics: A Time-based Media Conservation Treatment

Electronic Media, Optical artifact, Time-based Media Conservation: Body language and hand gestures are an important part of communication, especially in the world of politics and diplomacy. The artwork Gesture Politics, 2009 by artist Sean Healy is a time-based media installation…

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