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PAINTINGS CONSERVATION: Funding from the Henry Luce Foundation‘s American Art Program Art Conservation Initiative has made possible a large number of art conservation treatments for several McKay Lodge, Inc. museum clients. This program was a special one year initiative and the foundation’s program received approximately 100 applications for funds exceeding 6 million dollars.

Many of our clients were excited by this new opportunity for aid offered in part as a response to the dramatic findings of the Heritage Health Index of Heritage Preservation. The foundation awarded 48 grants and funds totaling over $1,750,000 for conservation of works by American artists.


PAINTINGS CONSERVATION: Following a condition survey of some of the most significant works by modern American masters in the collection of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery conducted by McKay Lodge Art Conservation Laboratory in 2006, the Henry Luce Foundation has provided $35,000 in funding to the museum to help carry-out the recommended conservation work. McKay Lodge art conservators Robert Lodge and Stefan Dedecek will commence the work with selections for on-site treatments beginning in September. Several of the collection’s masterpieces of modern art will be treated for a future traveling exhibition.

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