From Fort Ticonderoga in upstate New York to Boston, Massachusetts, 56 small monuments mark the 56 days of John Knox’s heroic journey in the snowy winter of 1775 transporting artillery down to George Washington to force the British out of Boston.

In New York State, each marker is a small stone stele with a pictorial and inscripted bronze plaque. In February 2008, a contract was awarded to the art conservation firm McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory, Inc. for the maintenance refinishing and re-setting of 29 markers and the reproduction of several replacement plaques in cast bronze. Work was initiated in March and the bulk of the maintenance will be performed over several weeks following the trail down from Fort Ticonderoga during June 2008.

The art conservation services are being provided to the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area through the Greenway Heritage Conservancy HRV, Inc. and the Hudson River Valley Greenway Communities Council.

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