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PAINTINGS CONSERVATION: McKay Lodge Art Conservation recently treated several paintings funded through the Adopt-A-Painting program at the Butler Institute of American Art. And we are now approaching completing the treatments for the initially selected ten top candidates for conservation.

The collection of the Butler Institute of American Art now exceeds 20,000 individual works. Since 1990 McKay Lodge Art Conservation Laboratory has provided conservation treatments to 70 paintings and numerous works on paper, as well as conducted collection and environmental surveys.

The museum’s conservation needs still far exceed the funds available. Through the Institute’s Adopt-a-Painting program, generous individuals help the museum meet that need by donating funds to cover the cost of painting restoration. The museums Summer/Fall newsletter contains additional information:

Most recently treated by us was a gorgeous work by the American Impressionist Phillip Leslie Hale (1865-1931), his Hollyhocks (c. 1922-23). This picture was adopted and restored in memory of Faith Bletso Rarick and Iris Bletso Long by Neita Bletso Burger and Debra J. Burger.

Hollyhocks, Butler Institute of American Art

At the same time, treatment was provided for John Fabian Carlson (1857-1947), Sylvan Stream.

Butler Institute of American Art

Also treated was Joan Mitchell (19626-1992), Untitled (c. 1950’s).


Before these three treatments, conservation was provided by us under the Adopt-A-Painting program for Gardner Symons, Silence and Evening Light, thanks to a donation by Neita Burger (left) and Debra

Burger; and for George Glenn Newell (1870-1947), By the Old Drovers Inn, adopted and restored in memory of William and Gladys Jones by Roger and Gloria Jones.

Butler Institute of American Art-Silence-and-Evening-Light

Butler Institute of American Art, By-Drovers-Inn

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