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Mural Conservation:

In August 2017, the Cleveland area art conservation center McKay Lodge Art Conservation Laboratory, a specialist in murals conservation, has been awarded the work of relocating one of the murals in the Reinberger Chamber Hall within Severance Hall, home of the Cleveland Orchestra. The Severance Hall Mural Conservation Project, a $35,897.00 task, shall be performed under subcontract to the project’s general contractor, Infinity Construction, which has been awarded the multi-faceted facilities improvement contract for “Musical Arts Association Severance Hall Appropriations Projects.”

This Cleveland project includes Severance Hall Front Porch ADA Access, Reinberger Chamber Hall ADA Access, Storm Water Intrusion Remediation, Partial HVAC Replacement, Front of House and Shell LED Lighting, Theatrical Lighting, Smith Lobby Lighting Upgrades, and Grand Foyer Lighting Upgrades.

Reinberger Chamber Hall Mural
Reinberger Chamber Hall Mural

This Cleveland mural art conservation project is a part of the Reinberger Chamber Hall ADA access. The conservation work of relocating the chamber’s central rear wall mural was necessitated by the design of turning the unused projection room behind the mural into an ADA seating box. This mural is firmly adhered to both the plaster of the wall and portions adhered to metal doors once opened for projections.

Once the mural is removed, including its sections adhered to metal doors, the supporting plaster wall will be demolished by others to create an opening for occupants of the box. The original decorative plaster frame surrounding the mural shall be retained undamaged and serve to frame the new opening.

Reinberger Chamber Hall Mural
Reinberger Chamber Hall Mural

McKay Lodge Art Conservation Conservation Laboratory shall transport the removed mural from Cleveland to its art conservation facilities in Oberlin, Ohio for conservation repairs and cleaning and the mounting of all mural canvas sections onto a single, independent support.

When the general contractor has completed all renovations to the old projection room into an ADA seating box, McKay Lodge Art Conservation Laboratory shall install the mural on the new rear wall of the box and provide the mural with an ornate wooden frame.

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