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Marcin joined McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory in June 2009. Marcin is the company’s conservator of stone, masonry, mortars and plaster. He works with walls and with engaged, and free-standing architectural and artistic items made of these materials.

His educational background includes BA and MA degrees in Conservation and Restoration of Sculpture and Masonry from the Nicholas Copernicus University in Thorn, Poland. The six year long training, which included laboratory and on-site projects, introduced the techniques and materials used in conservation and reconstruction of objects made of natural stone, wood, metals and ceramics. Marcin wrote his master’s thesis “Evaluation of the Sandstone, Limestone and Brick Restoration Mortars Made by REMMERS of Germany,” aimed at identifying mortars that can be safely used in conservation of Polish sandstone, limestone and brick objects.

He began his professional career in 2000 by joining the National Ateliers for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage in Warsaw, Poland and working with the team of conservators, executing complete restoration of the interiors of the Alte Nationalgalerie in Berlin, Germany. Later, the same year, he worked in the large scale conservation treatment of the gothic City Hall in Thorn and the historic XVII century Prison Tower in Gdansk, performed by the largest conservation company in Poland: Restauro S.A.

Upon arrival in the United States in 2003, he was hired by the Conservation of Sculpture and Objects Studio in Chicago, IL, where he worked for 6 years as Sculpture and Architecture Conservator restoring sculptural and architectural objects made of marble, granite, jade, sandstone, limestone, terrazzo, plaster, cement, bronze, brass, copper, zinc, cast iron, fired clay and wood. He also mastered mold making / casting techniques involving silicone and urethane rubber molds and plaster. In addition, he learned all aspects of laser cleaning of stone working as a 120W Nd:Yag laser operator on objects and building exteriors. He performed the restoration cleaning with laser of the sandstone façade of the Nickerson Mansion / Richard H. Driehaus Museum, Chicago, IL. This was the first large-scale laser cleaning of a stone building in the United States.


Conservator of Sculpture, Stone Objects and Architectural Elements

Marcin’s duties with McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory, Inc. involves working on many levels, in many cases not related directly with hands-on conservation. Marcin conducts on-site inspections, reporting, material testing, consulting and supervision. He coordinates the details of treatments with clients and subcontractors.

As a company conservator, Marcin performs conservation treatments on a variety of building structures and walls, both exterior and interior, on stones, masonry structures, mortars and plaster walls, as well as performing any necessary mold-making and plaster casting.


Certified in the use of JAHN Restoration Mortars by Cathedral Stone Products of Hanover, MD


(AIC) Associate of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works


1993-2000, Master of Arts in the Conservation and Restoration of Art,
Nicholas Copernicus University, Thorn, Poland

Conservation Diploma: Conservation treatment of the baroque statue of St. Hedwig from Zagan, Poland

Sculpture Diploma: Hand carved replica in marble of a XVII century alabaster cartouche from St. Mary’s Basilica in Gdansk, Poland.

Conservation Thesis: “Evaluation of the Sandstone, Limestone and Brick Restoration Mortars Made by REMMERS of Germany,” a scientific examination of ready-to-use mineral mortars made by the German company Remmers


2009-Present, Conservator of Sculpture, Stone Objects and Architectural Elements
McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory, Oberlin, OH

Notable Projects by Marcin Pikus at McKay Lodge, Inc.:

Howard M. Metzenbaum US Courthouse, Cleveland, OH
Performed cleaning and pointing repairs to the Daniel Chester French allegorical sculptures made of Tennessee pink marble. Assisted the dismantling and repositioning of both sculptures.

Schenley Park, Pittsburgh, PA
Performed cleaning and wax application on the bronze elements of the Westinghouse Memorial by Daniel Chester French.

Mental Health Center, Algiers, New Orleans, LA
Guided and performed removal for relocation a 40 ft. exterior wall mosaic by Conrad Albrizio.

Dollar Bank, Pittsburgh, PA
Performed a complete conservation treatment involving consolidation and extensive reconstructions of the two 11,000 pound brownstone lions McKay Lodge Inc. removed from the front of Dollar Bank’s historic main bank building.

North Shore Connector Subway Station, Pittsburgh, PA
Romare Bearden “Pittsburgh Recollections” mosaic. Supervised the removal of 780 ceramic tiles bonded to a concrete wall. Performed tile glaze restoration and structural repairs on the tiles.

R. Bolling Federal Building, Kansas City, MO
Constantine Nivola “The Builders” – poured concrete reliefs. Performed cleaning, small repairs and water repellent application.

Alexander Hamilton US Custom House, New York, NY
Cleaning and repointing of the four Daniel Chester French allegorical sculptures carved in Tennessee Marble (a limestone).

State Office Building, New Orleans, LA
Performed mosaic conservation treatment of Conrad Albrizio’s Napoleonic Law following its removal from the Hurricane Katrina damaged building by others at McKay Lodge, Inc. Repairs of the face of the mosaic, transfer onto aluminium panels, recreation of missing parts, installation into a state building in Baton Rouge.

Taubman Center for Design Education, Detroit, MI
Cleaning, moving and reassembly of Detroit Deliquescence by John Chamberlain.

Museum of Art, Toledo, OH
Performed surface preparatory work ahead of repainting of a steel outdoor sculpture Blubber, by Mark di Suvero

Rockefeller Center, U.S. Passport Office, New York, NY
Executed transfer onto a new honeycomb aluminium panel and performed restoration treatment of Rima Mosaic by Byron Browne.

Gage Park, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Performed the condition assessment and cleaning mock-ups for the restoration of the limestone Gage Park Fountain.

Charlotte Amalie, Saint Thomas, VI
Performed the maintenance cleaning and glass tesserrae repairs for Reverent Grove – a glass and ceramic mosaic fountain by Ned Smyth.

Federal Building, Norfolk, VA
Performed cleaning, repaired damaged concrete and performed sealant re-application for Ripples, a monumental outdoor sculpture by Athena Tacha.

Michael Jeffers Memorial Fountain, Saginaw, MI
Performed complete treatment of the granite and bronze structure involving granite cleaning and re-pointing, bronze cleaning, application of new patina and waxing.

State House, McKinley Monument, Columbus, OH
Removed graffiti removal from granite and applied a protective wax on bronze elements of the monument.

Federal Trade Commission, Washington, DC
Performed cleaning and consolidative treatment of the monumental sculptures (2) Man Controlling Trade carved from Indiana limestone by Michael Lantz. Performed cleaning and consolidative treatment for Americans at Work – four limestone reliefs located above four main entrances to the building, carved by various sculptors.

Birch Bayh Federal Building, Indianapolis, IN
Performed complete treatment of the four allegorical sculptures: Industry, Agriculture, Literature and Justice, carved in Tennessee pink marble by J. Massey Rhind.

Marymount Hospital, Cleveland, OH
Performed structural repairs, a restoration cleaning treatment, and supervised rigging and handling for relocation of Our Lady of Grace a 13 ft. Carrara marble statue.

Joseph Kinneary US Courthouse, Columbus, OH
Extensive performance cleaning, crack injections, composite patching and Dutchman repairs on the monumental ornamental sandstone elements of the building’s facade.

10 W. Jackson Blvd, Federal Building, Chicago, IL
Performed cleaning of the monumental, powder coated, extruded aluminum wall sculpture Lines in Four Directions by Sol Lewitt.

Brownsville Border Station, Brownsville, TX
Performed dismantling, restoration treatment and re-installation of Imaginary Line, a painted steel sculpture by Peter Shire.

Free Trade Bridge, Los Indios Border Station, Los Indios, TX
Performed maintenance cleaning and tile work repairs to Portal, a monumental tile sculptural installation by Barbara Grygutis.

McCoy Federal Building, Jackson, MS
Supervised the disassembly of Mississippi Inscape, a 22 ft. concrete sculpture by Ed McGowin.

2003-2008, Associate Conservator of Sculpture
Conservation of Sculpture and Objects Studio, Forest Park, IL (CSOS)

Notable Projects by Marcin Pikus at CSOS:

Nickerson Mansion / Richard H. Driehaus Museum, Chicago, IL.
Restoration cleaning with a 120W Nd:Yag laser of the sandstone façade. Supervised the second shift conservation team. First large-scale laser cleaning of a stone building in the United States.

Philadelphia City Hall, Philadelphia, PA.
Completed structural repairs; operated a 120W Nd:Yag laser to remove corrosion and performed full conservation treatment of eight large-scale bronze sculptures atop the City Hall tower.

Buckingham Memorial Fountain, Chicago, IL.
Steam cleaning and caulking of the Georgia pink marble.

Field Museum, Chicago, IL.
Restoration repairs to the plaster sculptures located in Stanley Field’s Hall.

World War I Monument, Edison Park, IL.
Performed full conservation treatment and reconstructed the carved limestone elements.

Ongoing preservation maintenance of sculptures for the Chicago Park District. Noted sculptures include those of Abraham Lincoln in Champaign/Urbana, IL; Thadeus Kosciuszko equestrian statue, Chicago; Nicolaus Copernicus statue, Chicago; John A. Logan equestrian statue, Grant Park.

Richard H. Driehaus Museum, Chicago, IL.
Performed complete conservation treatment of the marble sculpture Psyche and Amor.

Barker Museum, Michigan City, IL.
Conservation treatments of various outdoor marble garden sculptures.

2001-2003, Associate Conservator of Sculpture

RESTAURO S.A., Thorn, Poland
Responsible for sandstone and brick conservation treatment for the following architectural structures:

Polish National Bank in Gdansk

Prison Tower “Katownia” in Gdansk

South and east facades of the Gothic Town Hall in Thorn

Nicholas Copernicus statue in Thorn

2000-2001, Associate Conservator
Polish Ateliers for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage (PZK/BHZ) Warsaw, Poland and Berlin, Germany

Executed the treatment of the decorative gilded zinc capitals and bases located in themain exposition halls of Alte Nationalgalerie – Kuppelsaal and Querhalle in Berlin, Germany.

1999, Contract Conservator
Performed a comprehensive restoration of the ornamented plaster and painted ceilings in the Legal Advisors Chamber in Thorn, Poland.

1998, Associate Conservator
Strottman und Partner – Cologne, Germany

Conservation treatment of the tufite wall facades of the Krielerdoemchen Romanesque church in Cologne, Germany.

Extensive conservation treatment of deteriorated sandstone window frames on the XIX century Castle in Neuenburg, Germany.

1996, Contract Conservator
Participated in a field project at the Contemporary Sculpture Center in Oronsko, Poland and trained in the methods of traditional sandstone carving. Participated in a field project at the Gothic cathedral located in Pelplin, Poland. Here he performed conservation treatment of the Gothic brickwork decorated with sculptural plaster ornament at the North Portal.


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