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Jim joined the firm in 2010 to fulfill the need for a conservator with exceptional expertise in modern sculpture, its manufacture, diverse materials, fabrication, care and repair and maintenance; and in metals and metalworking; and in industrial tools and materials. We found him in California.

At McKay Lodge, Inc., Jim is the Conservator of Sculpture and Public Art.


Conservator of Public Art with years of experience in caring for and treating municipally owned artworks, especially those in the cities of San Jose and San Francisco, elsewhere throughout the State of California; and in Auckland, New Zealand.

Experienced fabricator. Provided fabrication services for a select group of artists including; Harry Powers, David Middlebrook, Gwynn Murrill, and Michael Todd.

Sculpture conservator working on many and diverse conservation projects involving art and architectural elements located on federal government properties throughout the United States.

Manages projects, researches materials, researches preservation treatment materials and methods, and performs treatments.

Especially skilled and knowledgeable in metals fabrication, metal art maintenance and repairs.

Widely familiar with industrial fabrication processes and industrial materials and adhesives.


Operation of oxy-acetylene, arc welding, T.I.G., M.I.G. equipment; plasma cutters; natural gas and compressed air torches; high temperature welding; hand forge welding; soldering, riveting, crimping; hot and cold forging and raising, stretching methods; wire drawing (mechanical and by hand); rolling mill operation for sheet metal, tempering, roping, fluting, annealing, inlay; engraving; planishing; burnishing by hand and with granular metallic and diamond oxides; stone cutting, drilling, lapping and polishing; use of acids and non-corrosive dry acid compounds; drill press operation; mill and lathe operation; rotary stationary and portable saws and sanders; belt sanders; belt saws; all common hand metal, wood and stone working tools; power shears and sheet metal saws and bending devices; compressed air grinders; use of grinding head burrs, bits and buffs; gravity, pressure and vacuum casting methods; foundry operation; mold making; wax work, gating, investment and shell mold fabrication, pouring, chasing and patination and gilding.

Architectural carpentry; masonry techniques; standard plumbing (cutting, threading, sweating); joinery; cabinetry; extensive knowledge of adhesive and abrasive products; basic AC-DC circuitry; leather working (tooling, embossing, stitching); small arms operation and maintenance, hand-made ammunition, hand loading and usage; black powder arms operation and fabrication; sword fabrication, armoring; pattern development; plastics processing and fabrication; kiln building and operation; empirical and batch formula mathematics; assembly maintenance and repair for gas, wood, and electrically fired equipment; industrial spraying equipment for painting, sand blasting, cleaning; picture framing, mounting, matting, and mitering.


1986, Bachelor of Arts. Dual concentration in painting and sculpture
San Jose State University, San Jose, California.


2011 – Present, Conservator of Sculpture and Public Art
McKay Lodge Fine Arts Conservation Laboratory, Inc.
10915 Pyle-South Amherst Rd.
Oberlin, OH 44074

1991 – 2011, Owner / Conservator and Art Fabricator
Gwinner Studios, Ltd., Los Angeles, California

Private conservator/fabricator. Conservation contracts awarded from the cities of San Francisco, San Jose, and Auckland New Zealand.

Metals specialist with considerable knowledge of contemporary and historical foundry techniques. Extensive fabrication and restoration experience in broad range of methods and materials, including but not limited to; ferrous and non-ferrous metals, stone, hard and soft woods, plastics fabrication and restoration.

1996 – 1991, Operations Manager
Fine Arts Metal, San Jose, CA

Operation manager for full productions large scale art foundry. Developed and supervised work flow, employees and foundry educational programs. Performed all monumental installations and restoration work.

1982 – 1992, Artist Assistant (various artists)
San Jose, California

Provided fabrication and manufacturing support for several artists in the San Francisco Bay Area. Gained experience in monumental sculpture fabrication in such materials as bronze, stone, wood, metal, and glass. Coordinated installations both locally and internationally.


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