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Welcome to the Cleveland area art conservation center McKay Lodge Fine Arts Conservation Laboratory, Inc.

We have just launched a newly designed art conservation company website and blogsite combination, and somehow you are on a page within it right now. Our past 16 websites that detailed our vast areas of expertise are now being consolidated into this single site. Sounds easy doesn’t it?

Well, it surely will take us time to rebuild some of our past work-related content back into this site, while at the same time we will be catching up with reporting on new projects and events.

Though incomplete, we felt there is enough here already to launch it publicly now, as-is, while we continue to add content.

So please feel free to browse around while understanding there is so much more to come.

Please check back often.

The page you are on now, “News” will be devoted to news and timely information related generally to the McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory and the Ohio Conservation Center it operates outside of the town of Oberlin, Ohio and near to Cleveland, Ohio.  Posts here will also reflect by links our many appearances in the printed press and other public media.

Other areas of the site shall present the more slowly changing and fundamental information, such as lists of major contracts, awards and staff biographies.

Finally, the section “Areas of Expertise” will be the dynamic part of the website. Here we shall be blogging current activities, mostly conservation projects and reporting on major projects in more detail.


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