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Russian to Restore an Icon

An icon can be defined as "a person or thing regarded as a representative symbol or as worthy of veneration". Jesus Christ is such an icon for the Christian religion. In the Fall of 2020, a project to restore an…

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Constant Outdoor Sculpture Conservation

Math and science have their own values or constants which express a relation or property that remains the same in all circumstances. It was this notion which inspired the outdoor artwork, Garden of Constants, 1994 by Barbara Grygutis. Any works…

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All Fired Up: Conservation of a Model 1777 Pistol

Christina L. Simms, Conservator Objects and Sculpture, recently completed a conservation treatment of a Model 1777 pistol at McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory, just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. The Model 1777 Pistol, before treatment Many good things come from France, including…

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Conservation Treatment of an American Revolution Fowler

The mid-18th century was a turning point in American history in which the colonial era ended, and the long road to independence began. Revolution, however, brought turmoil, uncertainty, and war. An object from this time, a 1760s American Revolution period…

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Restoration of Military Monuments: Vicksburg National Park

McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory recently completed the restoration of several military monuments for the National Park Service at the Vicksburg National Military Park in Vicksburg, Mississippi. The main entrance to Vicksburg National Military Park For nearly forty-seven days, the Battle…

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Corn, Wind, Broken Glass and Preventive Conservation in Iowa

Preventive conservation often involves environmental monitoring, the use of archival materials and storage, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), but it can also include installation of physical barriers to protect a work of art. Christina L. Simms, Conservator of Sculpture and Objects,…

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