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Concrete Filled Zinc

Another Concrete Filled Zinc Monument Saved!

THE OHIO CONSERVATION CENTER: The Lewis County Civil War Monument was erected in 1883. By 1980 the seven foot wide hollow base was caving in and the 30 foot tall monument was starting to lean. By 1998 the problem was…

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Westinghouse Memorial conservation

Westinghouse Memorial

The Westinghouse Memorial is a monument located in Schenley Park, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  It commemorates George Westinghouse (1846 – 1914) a world renowned engineer and inventor.  Daniel Chester French was the sculptor for the statue and the main panel, and…

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Fort Recovery Victory Monument

Condition Survey of Fort Recovery Victory Monument

McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory was selected by the Ohio Historical Society to conduct a thorough condition survey of the Victory Monument, the main element of a historical landmark known as Fort Recovery State Memorial located in Fort Recovery, Ohio and maintained…

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