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Lookin’ Good as Shell: Recoating “Large Escargot”

As part of an ongoing project for the Hartwood Acres Park sculpture restoration, McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory recently finished recoating a large outdoor sculpture, Large Escargot, 1982 by artist David Hayes. The sculpture is 17 feet high x 12 feet…

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Conservation Treatment of an American Revolution Fowler

The mid-18th century was a turning point in American history in which the colonial era ended, and the long road to independence began. Revolution, however, brought turmoil, uncertainty, and war. An object from this time, a 1760s American Revolution period…

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We return to our busy work fully staffed and compliantly spaced 6 feet apart on Monday, May 4, 2020. To celebrate, here is a lively and short "McKay Lodge" Bach Gigue hosted by Voices of Music of San Francisco:

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Corn, Wind, Broken Glass and Preventive Conservation in Iowa

Preventive conservation often involves environmental monitoring, the use of archival materials and storage, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), but it can also include installation of physical barriers to protect a work of art. Christina L. Simms, Conservator of Sculpture and Objects,…

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Old Master Paintings Conservation: Assumption of the Madonna

While the conservation team at McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory just outside of Cleveland, Ohio performs recoating of large-scale outdoor sculpture to restoring electronic media artworks, more traditional conservation treatments are also completed at the lab such as Old Master paintings…

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