Justice For Wall: Treatment Of Wood County Courthouse Murals

Justice for Wall: Treatment of Wood County Courthouse Murals

Stefan Dedecek, Conservator of Paintings, Murals, and Polychrome Surfaces, recently completed a conservation treatment of…

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Surreal Ceramic Conservation In The Southwest

Surreal Ceramic Conservation in the Southwest

As temperatures rise in the Arizona summer, McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory conservators traveled to perform…

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Church Mosaic Conservation In Pittsburgh At Shadyside

Church Mosaic Conservation in Pittsburgh at Shadyside

The Shadyside Presbyterian Church in the City of Pittsburgh holds a striking mosaic of the…

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Mosaic Conservation Is Two Worlds Apart

Mosaic Conservation is Two Worlds Apart

Mosaic conservation treatment of Two Worlds Apart, 1992 by artist Ned Smyth was recently performed…

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Graffiti Removal From A Marble Artwork

Graffiti Removal from a Marble Artwork

While public artworks grace our local communities, parks, and public spaces not all give them…

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Restoration Of World War I Soldier In Columbus

Restoration of World War I Soldier in Columbus

Christina L. Simms, Conservator of Objects and Sculpture, and Marcin Pikus, Conservator of Stone Sculpture…

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