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marble conservation

Marble Conservation and a Police Chase

Two marble benches from Indiana were brought to the McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory campus for a marble conservation treatment. Why the benches arrived at our conservation lab facilities just outside of Cleveland, Ohio is an unusual story that begins with…

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sculpture conservation

Sculpture Conservation: Benjamin Franklin

Public art should be, as the name implies, available to the public. But sometimes public access to art is not healthy for the art. Take the case of BENJAMIN FRANKLIN carved in white marble by Jacques Jouvenal and erected in…

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Stone Conservation

Stone Conservation Treatment at Cleveland Museum of Art

Stone Conservation, Architectural Features Conservation: The Cleveland Museum of Art is a world-class institution, known for its outstanding collection of over 45,000 objects. It is only right that a building with so much beauty within, should be beautiful on the…

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Conservation treatment of Anita Glesta

Conservation Treatment of Census Walk by Anita Glesta

Stone Conservation, Public Art Conservation: On a seven acre site on the grounds of the U.S. Census Bureau Building in Suitland, Maryland is a series of walls, benches, and winding paths through a thoughtfully landscaped setting. These elements which consist…

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Stone conservation

Stone Conservation Treatment of Young Lincoln and Law

Public Art Conservation; Sculpture Conservation: The conservation treatment of stone is a delicate process despite the seemingly robust nature of the material. At McKay Lodge Conservation, we are pleased to have a specialized stone conservator on staff, Marcin Pikus. Conservator…

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Granite Conservation

How Much Can Art Conservators Bench Press?

Stone Conservation, Public Art Conservation, Granite Conservation: Marcin Pikus, Conservator of Stone Sculpture and Architectural Features, of McKay Lodge Conservation restored several granite benches as part of an installation by artist Jenny Holzer at the Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA)…

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Conservation of John Massey Rhind Sculptures

INDUSTRY, AGRICULTURE, LITERATURE, JUSTICE - JOHN MASSEY RHIND, 1905 Stone Conservation: In 1908 Scottish-American sculptor J.M. Rhind carved four Tennessee pink marble sculptures representing Industry, Agriculture, Literature and Justice for the front of the Birch Bayh Federal Building in Indianapolis,…

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