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In July 2017, McKay Lodge, Inc. makes a medium-sized new equipment purchase and adds a third multi-purpose tractor/forklift to our art and material handling equipment. This John Deere 5065E with an H240 loader falls between, in capacity, our older 2,000 pound lift capacity John Deere 5300/520 loader and our 12,000 pound lift capacity CAT 560B telehandler.

We prefer forks on the loaders of agricultural tractors over straight mast forklifts because of their extra reach, which is handy for loading and unloading trucks, and for their extended fork tilt.

New Art and Material Handling Equipment
Our New John Deere 5065 Tractor/Loader

Our new 4WD tractor/forklift went quickly into local charitable service as did Emmett Lodge, its operator, and Robert Lodge. McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory provides financial and labor support, where merited, to Oberlin area organizations as a good corporate citizen.

Emmett Lodge uses our company’s new 4WD tractor with forks to remove a very large accumulation of sandstone from the property of the Oberlin Heritage Center for long-term storage at our nearby and larger facility. In the background is the Little Red School House (1836).

McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory Volunteer Services


The volunteer work of relocating the accumulation of old and valuable sandstone paving from the historic grounds of the Oberlin Heritage Center will take four Saturdays. Here Emmett Lodge loads the McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory trailer with an 8,000 pound load, one of four loads transported and offloaded at the McKay Lodge Conservation facility that Saturday. In the background is Oberlin’s historic Monroe House (1866). An expected 3 more Saturdays will be needed to relocate this large collection for safekeeping. Total load removed and transported may be up to 128,000 pounds of great vintage sandstone paving.

McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory Volunteer Services

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