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Conservation Services in Outdoor Sculpture, Fountains, Monuments, Mosaics, Architectural Features

McKay Lodge Conservation at the Ohio Conservation Center offers Cleveland area conservation services and throughout the United States and territories. We are equipped to handle any treatment for the conservation of Outdoor Sculpture, Fountains, Monuments, Mosaics, and Architectural Features and many others. Read more about our complete list of art conservation services and certifications below, or contact us about your project today to speak with one of our specialist conservators.

Field and Shop Services Provided

  • The company is well equipped, knowledgeable, and practiced in the provision of the following services equally well on-site and at our large shops

Industrial Coatings

Surface Preparation

  • Surface preparations for optimal bonding of coatings by abrasive blasting to specified mil profiles using a variety of media. Also chemical stripping
  • Chemical preparation of aluminum to overcome the problems of poor bonding to naturally formed oxides after blasting
  • Surface profile measurement and documentation using electronic gauges and replica tape


  • Spray applications of organic and inorganic zinc corrosion inhibitive primers, epoxy primers, and top coatings including acrylic aliphatic urethanes, engineered siloxanes (such as PSX700), military flat paints, and fluoropolymers
  • Measurement and documentation of dry film thicknesses using electronic gauges
  • Applications of coatings by HVLP guns, airless spray guns, and air-assist airless guns

Inspections and Failure Analyses

  • Industry standard coatings inspections and determinations of failures by our staff
  • Certified NACE Coatings Inspector on staff (National Association of Corrosion Engineers)


Adhesion testing and determinations of safe ability to overcoat using ASTM D 4541 and relevant equipment.

Specifications Writing

  • Preparation of industry-standard industrial coatings specifications to very sophisticated levels by our staff specifier for large and complex coatings projects in difficult environments including: specifications of appropriate products, inspection points, safety and environmental protection
  • Staff specifier was trained by industry leader KTA-TATOR of Pittsburgh
  • Knowledgeable in industrial coatings industry products for specific applications
  • Corporate member of SSPC (The Society for Protective Coatings, formerly The Steel Structures Painting Council)
  • Original color determinations and reproductions as well as gloss measurements by hand-held instrumental analysis
  • Familiar with color systems such as RAL and Federal Standard 595C


Bronze and Other Metals Surface Preparations and Cleaning

Dry Ice Blasting

  • Using our own CO2 blast equipment we gently and effectively remove old resin and wax coatings from bronze for the reception of new protective coatings. Also for the cleaning of metals free from dirt, graffiti, adhesives and other contaminants

JOS and WIN Water/Abrasive Cleaning

  • Gentle cleaning away of dirt and undesirable surface materials by low pressure injection of abrasives within a water jet using conventional WIN (water injection nozzles) and German proprietary JOS nozzles

High Pressure Water Cleaning

  • High pressure water cleaning both cold, hot, and by steam

Bronze Patinations


  • Applications of various chemicals to achieve a variety of colors on bronze


  • Applications of a variety of chemicals without heat to color bronze

Bronze Protective Coatings


  • Formulation of protective wax mixtures for specific environments and effects
  • Continued research in the best waxes
  • Applications of waxes by heat and cold paste waxing


  • Selection and correct applications of Permalac and BronzeShield resin coatings (among others)

Bronze Castings


  • We prepare all molds for most castings


  • Bronze pouring takes place at the foundry (Studio Foundry) located less than 30 miles away and is the foundry which our senior sculpture conservator once managed. Our lead conservator of public art also managed a bronze foundry (in California)
  • We are intimately knowledgeable and experienced in all bronze foundry work

Mechanical Repairs

Bearings Replacements

  • We source and replace bearings and make other critical repairs to kinetic sculptures
  • We are experts in the maintenance of George Rickey kinetic sculptures and work with the George Rickey Estate in maintenance of the artist’s sculptures which frequently require bearings replacements


  • Troubleshooting, replacement and repair of a variety of kinds of electric motors, large and small
  • Specifiers for better replacement fountain pump motors and calculations for optimal new motors for specific pools and water features

Sheet Metal

  • Repairs to sheet metal by straightening, rolling, replacement, soldering, welding and fasteners
  • Installations of our shop sheet metal replacement fabrications


  • Experienced in the selection and installation of area, directed, and fountain pool underwater lighting with licensed electricians
  • Offering LED lighting replacements for existing lighting

Welding and Hot Metal Joins

Portable Welding

  • Oxy-acetylene field welding
  • MIG and TIG field welding with our equipment and rented 30 amp generator (all other forms shop only)
  • Specifications and oversight of portable welding services


  • All alloys lead soldering


Shaping and Annealing by Heat

Stainless Steel Treatment

Corrosion and Removal

  • Elimination and prevention of stains and pitting by acid passivation
  • Corrosion source troubleshooting
  • Prevention of fountain pool corrosion of stainless steels through chemical selection and water chemistry balancing


  • Experts in all aspects of fountains both old and new


  • We troubleshoot operational problems, leaks and difficulties in maintenance

Mechanical Re-Designs

  • We offer better mechanical designs for problematic complex fountain systems

Pool Repairs and Installations of Liners

  • We perform masonry pool repairs and the replacement of pool liners

Artificial Waterways

  • We provide design and re-design services, as well as complete repairs and operational improvements, for artificial waterways including ponds and waterfalls

Seasonal Maintenance

  • We provide fountain annual inspections, fall shut-down and spring start-up services

Maintenance and Operational Manuals

  • We write fountain maintenance and also operational manuals for fountains

Installations and Removals


  • We are experienced and knowledgeable in properly anchoring artworks of even monumental scale to pedestals and footers. And similarly for proper removal of anchored structures


  • We perform our own rigging and also guide professional riggers in safe slinging, lifting, crating, tarping, and transport of artistic structures, especially those with delicate surfaces or where knowledge of internal structure and potential internal weaknesses is necessary for safe handling

Mosaics and Tiles


  • We install and repair tile walls as well as artistic pavers, including wall substrate construction, stabilization, and repairs as well as ground preparations for paver installations


  • One of our unique specialties is the removal of “permanently” installed interior and exterior wall mosaics and relocating them to new buildings; rebuilding the mosaics onto portable, modular aluminum support panels so that they can be easily relocated in the future



  • We are knowledgeable in specifying concrete mixes for specific unique applications in Public Art constructions


  • Experienced in shotcrete applications

Coloring and Coating

  • Experienced in specifying and applying optimal colorants and mineral coatings to concrete

Repair and Stabilization

  • We repair cracks and corroded reinforcing bars, as well as provide vapor deposition corrosion control for embedded steel
  • We perform patching and crack injections

Concrete Repair Logo

Concrete Demolition

  • We are knowledgeable on the tools and capabilities of the concrete cutting and drilling industry to a degree that we partner well with members of the industry in specifying means and methods and also provide oversight when artworks are involved



  • We perform specialty mortar installations into cracks and also tuck pointing, especially requiring mortars for soft or fragile old stone and where color matching is critical
  • We are a trained and authorized JAHN products installer
  • Researchers in mineral mortars

Stone Cleaning


  • Our staff includes a laser operator with extensive experience in its use in cleaning of stone

Water Method Cleaning

  • Providing low and high pressure, safe and effective cleaning, using both cold and hot water, as well as steam cleaning

Micro-Abrasive Cleaning

  • Providing gentle but effective low pressure, fine mineral and other media abrasive cleaning where appropriate

Chemical and Poultice Methods

  • Providing an extensive array of materials and methods using chemicals for the general cleaning removal of difficult stains from stone

Stone Consolidation and Polishing


  • Providing expert joining of broken stone with adhesives


  • Provides expert stone joining by drilling and stainless steel pinning


  • Providing consolidative acrylic injections of small fissures

Penetrating Consolidants

  • Experienced applicator of HCT100 and OH100 penetrating consolidants


  • Color matching the filling of losses in stone


  • Expert at wet diamond polishing of stone surfaces

Stone Cutting and Carving

Sourcing and Cutting / Dutchman

  • Knowledgeable in sources of matching stone and skilled in cutting and in Dutchman installations

Carving and Lettering

  • Providing sophisticated stone carving and lettering services in our associated studio four (4) miles from our facility operated by Fairplay Stonecarvers, LLC


  • We maintain knowledge of OSHA safety regulations

Confined Spaces

  • We have in place ready to make applicable to specific locations a Space-Specific Written Compliance Program for Permit-Required Confided Spaces
  • We fully meet 29CFR1910.146

Scaffolding and Fall Protection

  • Our field staff have been trained in 29CFR1926.450(L) and in 29CFR1926.500(M)

Operation of Aerial Lift Equipment

  • Our field staff have been trained in the use of aerial lifts

Operation of Forklifts

  • We have staff trained and capable in the operation of fork lifts and telehandlers

Shop Services and Equipment

Crane Rigging and Handling

  • Operation of our 15 ton mobile crane and 12,000 lb. capacity Cat telehandler for offloading and loading sculpture deliveries and handling during work procedures

Automotive Paint Center

  • We have staff trained by PPG in automotive coatings products and their applications
  • We have an in-house PPG automotive painting center with a computerized mixing station and fully stocked color mixing bank and a large spray containment for sculptures up to 22 feet high

Other Shop Services and Equipment

    • lead welding
    • operation of oxy-acetylene, arc welding, T.I.G., M.I.G. equipment
    • plasma cutters
    • natural gas and compressed air torches
    • high temperature welding
    • hand forge welding
    • soldering, riveting, crimping
    • hot and cold forging and raising, stretching methods
    • wire drawing (mechanical and by hand)
    • rolling mill operation for sheet metal, tempering, roping, fluting, annealing, inlay
    • engraving
    • planishing
    • burnishing by hand and with granular metallic and diamond oxides
    • cutting, drilling, lapping, and polishing
    • use of acids and non-corrosive dry acid compounds
    • drill press operation
    • mill and lathe operation
    • rotary stationary and portable saws and sanders
    • belt sanders
    • belt saws
    • all common hand, metal, wood, and stone working tools
    • power shears and sheet metal saws and bending devices
    • compressed air grinders
    • use of grinding head burrs, bits, and buffs
    • gravity, pressure, and vacuum casting methods
    • foundry operation
    • mold making
    • wax work
    • gating, investment and shell mold fabrication, pouring, chasing, and patination
    • gilding
    • FRP (fiber-reinforced polymer) lay-ups, molding, repairs, and painting
    • carpentry; masonry techniques
    • standard plumbing (cutting, threading, sweating): joinery
    • extensive knowledge and applications of adhesive and abrasive products
    • basic AC-DC circuitry diagnoses and repairs
    • armoring
    • pattern development
    • plastics processing and fabrication
    • kiln building and operation
    • empirical and batch formula mathematics
    • assembly, maintenance and repair for gas, wood, and electrically fired equipment
    • industrial spraying equipment for painting, abrasive blasting, cleaning
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