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THE OHIO ART CONSERVATION CENTER: Robert Lodge is a director and a technical advisor for AMIEN. McKay Lodge Art Conservation Laboratory provides significant annual financial support to AMIEN.

The Board of Directors at AMIEN advises AMIEN on its programs, and makes suggestions for new programs or revisions of existing programs. Directors also voluntarily scan the website for discussions pertinent to their areas of interest or expertise. They may occasionally post answers, articles, comments, corrections, or questions of their own.

AMIEN is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization.

AMIEN is the only unbiased source of information about art materials on the Internet. Guaranteed. AMIEN is a resource for artists dedicated to providing the most comprehensive, up-to-date, accurate, and unbiased factual information about artists’ materials.

AMIEN is dedicated to providing, without regard to aesthetics, the most comprehensive, up-to-date, accurate, and unbiased factual information about artists’ materials. The information is based on the most current scientific knowledge from peer-reviewed sources regarding quality, durability, and health hazards, and on original research conducted at AMIEN. The information is not prescriptive: AMIEN does not tell artists how to make art. We want artists to be able to make intelligent choices about any material used to make art, and we want to help artists make art safely.

Our goal is to reach as many artists as possible, amateur, student, and professional alike as in order to fulfill the mission of AMIEN.

AMIEN’s Forums provide an unbiased, open platform for communication among members about art materials. With thousands of members and hundreds of frequent, active Users, the Forums provide an excellent way to get questions answered and to exchange information. The Forums also provide research articles and open discussion of Topics including: Supports, Sizes and Grounds, Binders, Solvents and Thinners, Varnishes, Pigments, Paint-Making Procedures, Oil and Alkyd Paints and Mediums, Water-Thinned Paints, Temperas, Encaustics, Acrylic Dispersion and Solution Paints and Mediums, and more. Sign up today.

Contributions in support of AMIEN’s educational programs are welcome.

Mark Gottsegen, Administrator

The 1853 David Nettleton House
7694 East Washington Street
Chagrin Falls   OH   44023-4404

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