Columbus Burkhart Murals

Preservation of the Emerson Burkhart Mural Music:¬†1000 High School Students Participate in the Project Only…

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1899 Erie Library Murals, Paintings And Sculpture Preserved In New U.s. Courthouse

1899 Erie Library Murals, Paintings and Sculpture Preserved in New U.s. Courthouse

An allegorical ceiling mural, decorative painted walls, sculptures, and 19th century oil paintings once adorned…

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Lead White in Varnish Recommended by WPA for Mounting Mural

Conservators who are involved in the restoration and preservation of Works Progress Administration (WPA) murals…

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Frank T. Bow Federal Building, Canton, OH

Steel Industry¬†by Glen Shaw, 1937 A series of thirteen, powerfully composed, murals each depicting a…

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