Visitor Welcome! The 2014 Year-in-review

THE OHIO ART CONSERVATION CENTER: Here you will find our company and its artifacts and art conservation activities newly represented among fourteen websites. Clicking on the menu item “OTHER EXPERTISE” will direct you to the selection of the additional websites available. Each website has its own slide show giving you hundreds of views of our work, locations, and facilities. These sites have been a long time in coming and we are still filling in past content, so come back often.

The “Home” site, where you are now, is devoted to general company news such as staff activities, our corporate giving and support, education and internship training, and possibly some editorial content.

The “Ohio Art Conservation Center” website focuses on facilities and equipment and all else related to a resource serving as a convenient art conservation and preservation center for Ohio citizens, institutions, organizations, municipalities, Ohio state government as well as any and all such individuals and entities anywhere in the United States.

The Ohio Art Conservation Center, operated by McKay Lodge Fine Arts Conservation Laboratory, Inc. and staffed by Oberlin Conservation Associates, LLC has grown to become the largest privately owned and operated art and historic objects conservation center in the Midwest, and possibly the largest in the United States, based on revenue, the variety of professional specialties, services variety and facilities size.

Each of the twelve additional websites present only some of the work of our varied specialized conservation and preservation services, chosen as interesting representations. Each will offer “News” wherein some activity of the specialty represented by the website is presented and illustrated.  In addition, longer contributions of informational content and also research will be presented.

Welcome to our world of artifact and artconservation! We hope you enjoy what you find and come back often.


The art conservation services activities of the company during 2014 slightly exceeded those in 2013. The activities were intense for all staff at the outset of 2015 so another successful year seems promising. The kinds and size of conservation projects ranged widely, from simple condition exams to one project priced at over one million dollars. Over the years the scale of projects has increased and the company has be increasingly operating as a general contractor and projects manager at the head of projects involving the coordination of specialist conservators and trades. At the same time, we are keen to maintain dedication and focus on the needs of the public and our area museums both small and large:


  • Number of Conservation Projects Annually: 250-350  projects.
  • Number of Conservation Projects in 2014: 300 exactly

In addition to our substantial activities under federal, state and municipal contracts, and our services to the public, the company provided fine arts conservation services to the following regional 25 museums during the last 24 months:

  • General Lew Wallace Study and Museum, Indiana
  • Hanover College Art Museum, Hanover, Indiana
  • Snite Museum of Art, University of Notre Dame, Indiana
  • Georgetown College Art Galleries, Kentucky
  • Kentucky Historical Society, Kentucky
  • Speed Art Museum, Kentucky
  • University of Kentucky Art Museum, Kentucky
  • Louisana State Museum, Louisiana
  • Mint Museum of Art, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Allen Memorial Art Museum, Ohio
  • Butler Institute of American Art, Ohio
  • Canton Museum of Art, Ohio
  • Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio
  • Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio
  • Lorain County Historical Society, Ohio
  • McKinley Museum, Ohio
  • Oberlin Heritage Center, Ohio
  • Ohio Historical Society, Ohio
  • Ross County Historical Society, OH
  • Toledo Lucas County Public Library Collection, Ohio
  • Wexner Center for the Arts, Ohio
  • Zanesville Art Center, Ohio
  • Carnegie Museum of Art, Pennsylvania
  • Palmer Museum of Art, Penn State University, Pennsylvania
  • Westmoreland Museum of American Art, Pennsylvania
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